Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Varg and Vark

Varg Vikernes (Burzum)
8" x 5.25"
oil on wood, 2010

A little premature, maybe a bit compulsive, certainly against my own criteria, the 2010 painting of Burzum is a fact. Burzum is not (yet) part of this Top 100 yet the image is. The painting, a little ditty illustrating my Varg story (see post 7), yet an illustration of mythological proportions. There are three sets of twos; the two ears of the vark, repeated as two vark-ear like forms behind Varg's head, and the two white dots in the lower part. Maria (my wife) likes for everything to be in pairs; she'd plant two trees, buys two coffee mugs, and places two identical lamps on either side of our bed. For me however three is the magical number, being raised on father, son, and holy ghost, things ring magical when they appear as part of a triptych. In writing things rhyme for me in threes. You may or may not have noticed this lean towards the three in writings in earlier posts but it's there. My poetry also revolves around the threefold nature of things (I should explain here that I write on average one poem per decade starting when I was fifteen. I've written three poems in my life thus far and I'm proud of each of them. This year I'm due for number four, I'll keep you posted while the poem slowly starts to take shape in my head). This painting of Varg Vikernes contains both the pairs as well as the triplets, resulting in a version of the six-pointed star in which two reverse triangles are superimposed. Much less spiritually guided is the painting I did of Sekouba Traore. Below, finally, the final version of it. Voila.

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