Friday, April 9, 2010

Time + Temperature

Time + Temperature
7.5" x 8.5"
oil on wood, 2010

After The Beast And I by Mother of Fire, Time + Temperature's Havana is the second song to clinch a spot in the Top 100 2010. Valerie, who is Time + Temperature, gave me the brand new – and her first – single Havana, after her performance at the opening of the Top 100 2009 at Skylab in Columbus. Listen to the track on http// and be amazed. I just went there myself, not to listen to the song (I have it already on vinyl, right), but to check the correct address. I noticed a very busy performance schedule; things are going just fine. Time + Temperature and Mother of Fire are friends. Valerie told me to come see their concert and it was a blast. Wouldn't it be great if a whole Top 100 could be made up from friends. I don't have a 100 friends though and most of them don't play any music, and of those who do there's only a handful that I really like. The above painting of Valerie Glenn was done from a still of the video Maria (my wife) made during this concert at the Top 100 opening. I just had to paint the picture in reverse because Maria's camera records everything in reverse and I did not want Valerie playing guitar left handed in my painting of her.

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