Thursday, April 8, 2010


From 2000 through 2003 my wife Maria and son Emil lived in a downtown Columbus loft called Skylab. We ran Skylab as a gallery serving mostly the Columbus art student community. My first Top 100 exhibit as public event was the Top 100 1999 held at Skylab in March 2000, a half year before our family moved into it. Skylab still exist and in the last three or four years it evolved into a center for experimental music and occasional art shows. With the exception of 2007 and 2008 Skylab hosted all of the Top 100s since that first one in 2000. I am not a regular but their musical programming is quite spectacular. Occasionally I check out some shows but during a few weeks this past March, right around the dates for my Top 100 2009 exhibit I saw a whole bunch of bands passing through Skylab. The following Top 10 is of musical acts I saw at Skylab and from their recordings I either bought there or received for free. All in the span of less than two weeks (with the exception of the Sword Heaven/Biff Boff Barf show).
  1. Mother of Fire: Live, 03/14/10
  2. Mors Ontologica: Live, 03/14/10
  3. Time and Temperature - Havana (single given to me 03/13/10)
  4. The Murder Party - Demo (Cd given to me 03/14/10)
  5. Sword Heaven, Live, 02/16/10
  6. Time and Temperature: Live, 03/13/10)
  7. Wolf Eyes: Live, 03/06/10)
  8. Mother of Fire - Lambs (LP, bought 03/14/10)
  9. The Murder Party - Live, 03/14/10
  10. Biff Boff Barf: Live, 02/16/10

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