Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Naomi Joy (Mother of Fire)

Naomi Joy
(second version)
oil on wood
9" x 6", 2010

Naomi Joy
(original version)
oil on canvas board
10" x 8", 2010

Early start painting for the Top 100 2010. I promised Locust Projects in Miami a brand new painting for their spring fund raiser. The first music to qualify for the 2010 list is a group from Minneapolis called Mother of Fire. They performed at Skylab, the space exhibiting my paintings of the Top 100 2009, a day after the opening reception. Their presence and lights looked so beautiful in front of the paintings. Music was great. I asked someone who took pictures of the concert to send me copies but this person never did, I don't think anyone else took pictures. The picture I used for these paintings was quite difficult to paint from. But the challenge I liked and after I sent the original off to Miami I started a second version right away. The second one was to keep (the first painting to be included in next year's Top 100 2010 exhibition). Painting was difficult both times, the original is on the bottom, second version on top, I don't know which is better. Maybe neither painting is very good but at least I think I captured the spirit of Naomi Joy, singer and violist for Mother of Fire.

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