Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dance Party Top 10

The CD is the European/Asian revenge to the American LP format. The Dutch/Japanese invention was first produced in Germany and can hold up to about 80 minutes of music, twice as much as the LP. This duration, I was told, was established by the length of a certain Beethoven symphony. I forget which one but for sure considered by some as one of the most important pieces of music ever made (naturally from Europe like all important musical works.) The size of the CD –12 cm, as opposed to the 12 inch LP format– is a further sign of the Europe vs. America competition. Americacentric music history starts with Jazz and Blues while Eurocentric history starts with Bach and Beethoven. Even though I'm European I'm an Americacentric music enthusiast. I never gave up on the LP format and I still, and always did, buy more LPs than CDs. The Top 100 2009 closing dance party was to be a celebration of the vinyl record. A celebration it was. I've been wanting to be a DJ for a while now and this was my chance to try it out. (I've also been wanting to become a truck driver for a while now but that project is on hold indefinitely.) DJing is a blast and the following top 10 is from music I played that evening. It reflects both the music I enjoyed playing and the audience's response to it. Here it is:
  1. Nina Simone - Ain't Got No – I Got Life
  2. Jimmy Smith - Hobo Flats
  3. Moussa Doumbia - Keleya
  4. Clarinetes de Linares - El Gallito Giro
  5. Carlos Malcolm - Bonanza Ska
  6. Sir Douglas Quintet - She's about a Mover
  7. Les Shleu Shleu - Cé la ou yé
  8. John Coltrane - Dakar
  9. Fonseca et ses Anges Noirs - El Monte
  10. Henry Stephen - Limon Limonero

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