Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Michael Hurley

Michael Hurley
11" x 8.5", 2013
watercolor, pencil
Michael Hurley hasn't gotten any younger since I met him in 2008, but then: neither have I. He released his first record in 1964, the year I was born. He released a whole score of consequent recordings, mostly hard to find, minor (his own often) label, small edition issues. I have a handful on CD, LP, and cassette. Top 100 2012 #54 is Knockando from the CD Ancestral Swamp. Released in 2007 on Gnomonsong Recordings, it's one of those self published discs. He has his own publishing company too: Snocko Music. I don't think anyone else publishes for Snocko, or records for Gnomonsong than Mr. Hurley himself. As with most of Hurley's record, it features his own artwork on the cover. As a bonus there's a cartoon inside. The hero of the story (I guess you call him Snocko, Hurley's alter ego) sleepwalks into a bar. I doesn't keep him from drinking though. He wakes up and then gets back into his patrol car and falls back asleep again behind the wheel.

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