Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dry Grass and Shadows

Alela Diane
10.5" x 11", 2013
ink, watercolor, pencil
Dry Grass and Shadows is the opening track from Alela Diane's CD To Be Still that I like so much. I bought it in 2009 at a festival in Nelsonville, Ohio. She was nice enough to sign it for me. The song was listed in the Top 100 2009 and the Top 100 2010. I didn't listen to the song since but it's back in the top 100 this year (2012) due to a live concert video recorded at the Nuits des Fouvière in 2012, and posted on line. Ms. Diane herself forwarded a link to it on her facebook page. The drawing may be a bit of a caricature (or at least it is mannieristic) but I think it's sweet nevertheless. (And remember, it's not about me, the drawings and paintings are about them. I'm a fan.)

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