Monday, May 19, 2014

Drawing Alela Diane

Alela Diane
4" x 4"
pen on paper, 2014
I've been drawing a score of musicians in my sketchbook. I don't know yet how, when, or where I will use these but it somehow I will. The sketches are very quick, I did about 30 in a little over four hours divided up over two evenings. Just a little exercise, maintenance of skill if you will, in portrait drawing. From these pages I particularly like this quick sketch (above) of Alela Diane. I still owe her (well myself really) a painting for the current top 100 illustrating the song Lost Land from her new About Farewell CD. (I already did one for The Way We Fall.) My history with Alela Diane goes back to 2009 when I saw her perform in Ohio. It was a wonderful little outdoor concert and I ended up buying from her the CD To Be Still there, she signed it for me too. I had also made some drawings during her performance. Drawing people in motion is quite a challenge, but I think I did well on this one (below).

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