Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Edith Piaf

Édith Piaf
24" x 16"
oil on canvas paper, 2014
Édith Piaf is back in, a bit of a cliche perhaps for a self-proclaimed eclectic music enthusiast to resort to names that are standard fare in the world of eclectic music. Piaf and Umm Kulthum (as it appears to be spelled these days), are the musicians most synonymous with eclectic taste. I never payed much attention to Umm Kulthum but of Édith Piaf I collected quite a few discs over the years. The song in this year's list is the b-side to her 1947 signature single La Vie en rose called Un refrain courait dans la rue. The painting is done on top of a sketch of Mariko Gotō (who I painted last week). I covered Gotō's silhouette with a very dark purple before superimposing the laughing Édith Piaf. Usually I don't pick laughing poses but here is the exception.

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