Thursday, March 21, 2013

Serbian shepherd's tune

Serbian svirala player
14" x 11"
oil on canvas, 2013
There are many Eastern European recordings in the list this year and four of them are from the former republics of Yugoslavia. I downloaded the Columbia World Library volume dedicated to Yugoslavia and at a thrift store I purchased the LP Serbian Folk Music. Poziv (Invitation), a shepherds flute tune played (on the svirala) by Stanco Ristić from the village of Crcavac near Leskovac, comes from the Serbian Folk Music LP. The Top 100 paintings are this year divided up into a set of 50 oil paintings for #1-50, and a set of 50 watercolors on paper for #51-100. The svirala player here is final oil painting. And while the Top 100 2013 has started more than a month ago already, I still have a bunch of watercolors left to paint for the 2012 series.

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