Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Los Grandes Exitos

Maxima Mejia
11" x 8.5", 2013,
ink, pencil, watercolor
The year 2012 saw a great increase in that part of my record collection labelled Latin, South America, and the Caribbean. I bought records of so many wonderful singers of songs in the Spanish language that I had never heard of before. All very cheap; I seemed to have moved the land where you can find all these Latin records for a buck or less at the thrift stores. Many of such records have a title that goes like: Los Grandes Exitos de... but the one of the greatest "greatest hits" records I came across last year was not from my own collection but from that of Gary Sullivan, proprietor of the wonderful Bodega Pop: Los Grandes Exitos de Maxima Mejia. One of these "grandes exitos" is Imploratión de Amor, a very passionately sung love-ballad. Maxima Mejia is from Ecuador, and that's about all Gary and me know about her.

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