Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Moldy Peaches (2)

Panda Delilah, 
daughter of Kimya Dawson
oil on board
24" x 12", 2012
Panda Delilah was born in 2006, daughter of Kimya Dawson, singer for the Moldy Peaches. All the while when I was trying to paint the Kimya painting (previous post, below), Panda was sticking her tongue out at me so I felt the need to give that goofy little girl her own painting.
My favorite song thus far from the CD The Moldy Peaches is Nothing Came Out while the first Kimya Dawson solo song to enter the Top 100 is Hadlock Padlock from the CD Cute Friend Sweet Angel. The image of Panda is from the same photo that I used to paint her mother from that I found on Celebrity Babies. Even though Panda and Kimya were joined in the photo the two separate paintings of them don't go together very well because of differences in scale and color. But they are both part of the same series: The Top 100 2012. The two are the first of a new 100.

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