Sunday, November 28, 2010


(RE: Hungary —October)
HU is following me around. The sad refrain from a pathetic little song is haunting me. Early in the year I told myself I would try to write poetry again. I've not had the inspiration yet this year but now I think that a list of words starting with HU could make a good poem.  Hundred—Hungary—Hun—Hungry—Hug—Humble—Humor—Human—Huge—
It's not a poem yet, but I'm inspired, I just have to work the order and word choices a bit. I could try to make sentences from it, make it into little riddley ditties: Hundred hungry Hungarians hunting Huns.
My Top 100 archive is poetry too —too many HUs to list 'em all but this the bulk of it.
Pastorita Huaracina/Jilguero Huascaran/Hattie Hudson/Huggy Bear/Humanoid/Ray Humble/Pawla Humeniuk/The Hunches/Prince Albert Hunt/Alberta Hunter/Ivory Joe Hunter/Michael Hurley/Kenny Hurst/Mississippi John Hurt/Maestro Demosdenes Hurtas/Hüsker Dü/Frank Hutchingson/Ina Rae Hutton.
(Indeed, Engelbert Humperdinck is not in it, neither is Les Humphries, but I did list the sounds of humpback whales once, there is hula music in it, and music from the Hunan province in China.)

Mihaly Barsoni (w/Hurdy-Gurdy)
16" x 11.5"
oil on wood, 2010

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