Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chun Siu-Lei and Zhou Xuan

Zhou Xuan                           Chun Siu-Lei
18.5" x 8"                              7.75" x 15.25"
oil on wood, 2010                  oil on wood, 2010

With a second painting of the 'Golden Voice of Mandarin Pop' Zhou Xuan and the second painting of the 'Burlesque Queen of Cantonese Opera' Chun Siu-Lei, I end my overindulgence with the music and images of my Chinese muses from the silver screen from an era long passed. This will be the last from China this year as I feel the need to travel onwards. Delving deeper into the world of Cantonese Opera and Mandarin Pop I will leave to purists and the fans of those genres; I have found it an exasperating experience. It got me buying tapes in Chinatown for 25 cents apiece —judging the music by its covers, listening to hours of Antique Shanghai Pop Music radio, scrolling through the archives of Soft Film, their history of the Hong Kong entertainment industry, and much more not to mention that it left me painting in a for me a-typical manner.
(I haven't used the word Kitsch for ages when it comes to talking about my work, but there it is capitalized and all. Not that the four Chinese songs in the 100 list are Kitsch; they're too real for that, but I did encounter plenty of other related musics that were. But isn't this the case with so much music, isn't 80% of everything we listen to when we turn on the radio, just plain Kitsch? To answer my own question: it probably isn't but it's a just thought I felt like sharing.)

One more thing: Is there anyone out there who could translate for me the names of the performers and titles of the songs from this lovely record below? Thanks

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