Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lady G and John Jacob Niles

Lady G
11.375" x 8"
oil on wood, 2010

Every one of my Top 100 years have started on February 23rd. On that day in 1983 I made my very first top 10. I now have less than four months left to make 54 more paintings. In this blog it is my aim is to show all hundred paintings from the Top 100 series using precisely one hundred posts. In order to accomplish this I'll have to double up a bunch of paintings as I blogged 59 times already. The pairings will be presented in order of who I paint but the order is random if it comes to topics. The first pairing is that of Jamaican dancehall singer and deejay Lady G with John Jacob Niles from Kentucky, USA. An odd couple indeed, the former a woman with a deep macho voice and ditto songs, the latter a man with a falsetto and sensitive themes. Hey Gal is the song -right out of the heart of the contemporary urban jungle that is Kingston- by Lady G and I already (see Top 10 #42) spoke about Maid Freed from the Gallows Pole, a story from a time long passed, by John Jacob Niles. Niles is after Beth Orton, Nina Simone, and Ornette Coleman, the fourth performer with two tracks in the list and two paintings completed. The fifth will be Roberto Carlos Lange; I'm in the middle of painting that painting which you'll see in a few days. The first public showing of paintings from the new series has already started: the Edward Kamau Brathwaite painting (see the entry called September!) is on view as part of the Visiting Lecturers exhibition in the corridor of Hopkins Hall Gallery at the Ohio State University. It will be up until the 16th of November. Then several paintings will travel with New York's White Columns to the NADA Art Fair in Miami Beach, held Dec 2–5 at the Deauville Beach Resort. One of ten paintings I selected for that occasion is the following of John Jacob Niles.

John Jacob Niles
11.25" x 8"
oil on wood, 2010

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