Saturday, October 30, 2010

Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell                                      Joni Mitchell
  10.25" x 8"                                            10.5" x 9"
oil on wood, 2009                               oil on wood, 2010

In the Top 100 2009 the painting of Joni Mitchell was the favorite among the visitors to that exhibition. Surely Joni Mitchell, as a performer, holds high esteem by my audience (who tend to be a little older) but there was also something about that painting that would draw the viewer in. At the exhibition at Skylab in Columbus in March 2010, the painting itself was not there, a color copy hung on the wall as a substitute for the painting that had already sold before all 100 paintings were completed. When the show traveled to Cincinnati for a second life I decided to paint a new version for the Joni Mitchell entry, just to have an original painting showing, knowing too it could double as the Joni Mitchell for the current Top 100. Comparing the two paintings the similarities as well as the differences are pretty obvious. The second version is closer to the original (black and white) photo I painted it from but I think anyone would agree that the first one is better. It has that sparkle to it, a liveliness that affects the viewer. The Cincinnati show at Country Club Projects ended today, the official end to last year's Top 100. Today the second Joni Mitchell painting officially promoted from 2009's second version to the Top 100 2010. The song is the same: All I Want from the record Blue. I, for one, am not only a fan of Mitchell's music but I like her paintings a lot too. Most of her records have her art on the cover, that alone is worth collecting her records. Blue is an exception.

p.s. There will be another little tail end to the Top 100 2009 when, on November 4th, I will present a talk about the catalog for the Top 100 2009. The event, part of the ongoing Topics Table series, will take place at Hopkins Hall Gallery, the Art Department gallery at the Ohio State University, from 11:30 to 12:30 that day. The book will be for sale there by Iconoclast Editions. Come y'all!

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