Wednesday, October 6, 2010


99 fiends I have gathered now, on my Face Book account. It would be nice if Jessica Lea Mayfield could be number100. I met her last year, she was 19 years old then, I was 45. I approached her as a fan, asking her autograph, and acting all fan-like. She, on the other hand, seemed very mature, joking with me and treating me like one of the good old boys. She signed a drawing I did of hers in concert, and in return I gave her one too. The concert was awesome. That she returns in this new Top 100 is because of Face Book; Elizabeth Gerdeman (one of the 99) posted her song Kiss Me Again on her page. Face Book has become a brand new source to pull music from for the Top 100. Now that I'm so close to have my 100th friend I just must take a moment here and celebrate this new source of music. What better format could I use than to compile a top 10 of music my friends have posted on their page in this still running year of 2010.
  1. White Noise - Love Without Sound (per Roberto Carlos Lange)
  2. Jessica Lea Mayfield - Kiss Me Again (per Elizabeth Gerdeman)
  3. Singing Japanese train attendant (per Ennie van Leeuwen)
  4. Extreme Animal - Live at the MOMA lobby (per John Also Bennett)
  5. impLOG - Holland Tunnel Dive (per Roberto Carlos Lange)
  6. Parliament - The Goose (per Roberto Carlos Lange)
  7. Daniel Johnston - True Love Will Find You in the End (per Elizabeth Gerdeman)
  8. 3XD (Three Times Dope) - Funky Dividents (not sure, I think it was Bela)
  9. Jolie Holland - I Want to Die (per Laura Bidwa)
  10. Tee Set - Ma Belle Amie (per Maria van Boekel)

Jessica Lea Mayfield
16" x 10"
oil on wood, 2010

I have so much to say about this painting shown here of Jessica Lea Mayfield but I'll keep it short. I've worked on it for a long time (weeks!), just couldn't get it right. Started over three times. Everything about it was a challenge. For  one the striped T-shirt: it represented both Vermeer's tile floor and the clothing worn by inmates on a chain gang. The hardest part was the likeness. I'm almost there but there is still a touch missing. I'll figure it out. Last year the same song was on the list and the drawing of her in concert I used as representation. I had a hard time then too. Even though the drawing was made in only five minutes, I spent long hours retouching it (mostly through practice runs on copies from the original), trying to capture her likeness.

Jessica Lea Mayfield
11" x 8.5"
pen on paper, 2009
signed by Jessica Lea Mayfield

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