Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Whatever Happened to the Buzzcocks?

The Buzzcocks
14" x 20", oil on found canvas, 2015
I've had Singles Going Steady, a Buzzcocks compilation album, for more than twenty-five years yet it is not until now that the record first appears in a top 100 list. I always liked the record and must have played it fifty times or maybe even more. Nearly every song on the record is a classic, and has at one time or another found a spot in my weekly top 10 lists from which the annual top 100 is compiled, most appeared multiple times. 
The painting in the background was given to me by its maker, a woman from Ohio who's name I forgot, many years ago. At a fair I told her I liked the painting, she told me I should buy it, I told I didn't want to spend money on a painting. she told me "how's ten bucks," I told her "it's worth more than that." She ended up giving it to me, at first I wouldn't accept it, but she wanted me to have it, she insisted. Somehow I hope this writing finds her, and hope to she'd approve of the addition of the four Buzzcocks.

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