Sunday, December 7, 2014

Saraswatibai Fatarpekar

Shrimati Saraswatibai Fatarpekar
10" x 8", oil on canvas, 2014
Everything I know about Raga Basant "Aayi Ruta" by singer Saraswatibai Fatarpekar is from Excavated Shellac. The blog about rare 78 recordings from all the world posted in 2013 an item including a recording of the song Aayi Ruta. The research on Excavated Shellac is always impeccable and any gaps will be filled in by any of the many musicologists commenting on the site. Suresh Chandvankar of the Society of Indian Record Collectors added some scans from a catalog. It included the image of the (obscure) singer Saraswatibai Fatarpekar that I used as source for the painting above. The recording was made around 1933 in Bombay. Raga Basant means evening raga. All I can add is another portrait painting done on top of yet another small amateur colorfield painting.

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