Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Monotypes (2)

Abdellah el Magana
20" x 15", monotype, 2014
Less than a month after a first monotype workshop I hosted a second, and, in keeping with the custom of 'every-opportunity-a-top-100 illustration', the demo featured an attempt to portray a Moroccan group around Abdellah el Magana. Some technical improvements happened since the first workshop, but this time, after the initial demo, the students didn't allow me to focus thoroughly on a result. The web presence of Abdellah el Magana evolves around the recording Kassidat el Hakka (poem of truth), originally a 45 recorded in Casablanca during the 'golden era' of the Moroccan record industry the 1960s. The song features on an album called Raw 45s from Morocco, collected and compiled by David Murray.

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