Sunday, October 26, 2014

Harmonica Frank (Facebook)

Harmonica Frank Floyd
11" x 9.75", oil on wood, 2014
Harmonica Frank Floyd
10.5" x 8", pastel on wood, 2004
The invitation postcard for The Top 100 2004 exhibition featured this image of Harmonica Frank. His song Swamp Root was #2 that year. That same image became my avatar when it was time to give in to the Facebook lure. He still is my alter ego there, never changed the avatar. Ten years later Harmonica Frank is in the list again and I used the same photo to create the painting from (top). The song this year is not Swamp Root but Mosquito Bay Britches. The version is from a German TV broadcast, and the German subtitles are hilarious but meant so serious. I love it when they do that (and they always do: Johnny Rotten becomes Johnny Verdorben). The song is hilarious too, I had no idea as to how Harmonica Frank pays his harmonica. Watch below to find out for yourself how he does it.

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