Saturday, October 18, 2014

Antoñita Romero

Antoñita Romero
4" x 2.5", surrealist techniques and
digital manipulation on photograph, 2014
The series of works using surrealist techniques are still going. They count to nearly 100 now and the first one to be designated to be part of the Top 100 2013/14 is this image of Antoñita Romero. For the exhibition of the 100 works I plan on rephotographing this piece, print it bigger, mat it, and frame it. I painted Ms. Romero before (in 2010) and I wasn't going to do it again. It's a lovely painting, the one from 2010, but I don't understand why I didn't paint her characteristic fan sticking out from the top of her head. Antoñita Romero is Spanish and the style of music she sings is flamenco. The song Bereberito is a bit poppy compared to the deep serious emotional music flamenco is known for. I have it on a 45 and whenever I'm a party deejay I'm sure to include it in the playlist. Before this year I haven't been a party deejay since 2010, hence the omission in the in between years.

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