Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Raincoats Society

Gina Birch
11" x 8.5", pen and pencil on paper, 2014
The Raincoats were formed in 1977 by Gina Birch and Ana da Silva. Palmolive and Vicky Aspinal joined a year later. Then another year before the quartet released their first LP simply titled The Raincoats. After that it took twenty-plus years ere that historical disc found its way to my turntable, and it never strayed too far since. Since 2000, the band, the LP, and songs from it (especially Fairytale in the Supermarket and In Love) have been climbing all my various all time favorites' lists steadily. This year is the fifth year the song In Love makes the annual top 100 list. Needless to say that I'm quite a fan. Not that I will start any Birch Society any time soon but I do love her, especially early Birch. (I love the rest of the band too—actually The Raincoats Society sounds better than Birch Society, doesn't it.) With that in mind I believe I should forward here this one reproduction I found on line. It was painted by Pang Hsiao-li, a nine year old girl from China, the title of the painting is We Sing "The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution Is Fine."

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