Sunday, September 21, 2014

"Picasso Baby"

5" X 5", 4-color stencil on paper, 2014
"That was actually really cool" was my response upon watching a video documenting Jay-Z's performance of Picasso Baby at the Pace Gallery in New York in 2013. My art appreciation students watched the video and later we discussed it in class. The discussion was good. You know what the best thing was that came out of it? It was that the class really responded well to the work of Marina Abramović, that I showed along with Jay Z's video to deepen the context of the discussion. Yes, it was a great introduction to the topic of performance art.
Jay-Z then was a natural pick for my semi-annually edition of stencil prints that I trade with students' stencils (see also for earlier versions of the art appreciation stencil art project.) I printed the stencil in an edition of 82 in four colors. A plate for each primary color and one for black.

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