Friday, March 16, 2012


Sangio (Comora Islands)
22" x 30"
watercolor on paper, 2012
Save for a few, all the paintings for the Top 100 2011 are finished. Posting about them, in this location, is mostly down to second tracks of albums that I've already written about. After the Love Song with Gabus, Daira is a second track from the collection of field recordings that make up the album Music of the Comoro Islands. Second track or not, it didn't keep me from spending a lot of time making an image for it. A little more information then about Music fom the Comono Islands:
Harriet and Martin Ottenheimer are a husband and wife anthropology team who visited the Comoro Islands in 1976. They recorded the music for the Folkways album Music of the Comoro Islands in the capitol Domoni on the island of Anjouan. The last track on the record is titled Daira which means circle. Heard are prayers inside a mosque performed by the Shadhiliya sect of Sunni Islam. They commemorate a deceased relative. Prayers by definition are not considered music in Domoni. The Comoro Islands are situated in the Indian Ocean halfway between Madagascar and Mozambique. 

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