Monday, February 6, 2012

Time and Temperature

Val Glenn (Time and Temperature)
11.5" x 8", oil on wood, 2012
Towards the end of compiling the 2011 list a big resurgence of American music is happening. From the last 10 songs new in the list, 9 are American made. The music is closer to home suddenly. The extremely eclectic mix of songs so far is now being anchored by a bunch of music that I've been familiar with for a while, and whose words I can understand. Guess I needed some reassurance, psychologically. Time and Temperature is back in for the third consecutive year with a song called It Trails from the (download only) album Cream of the Low Tide of 2010. Time and Temperature is the one man band of Val Glenn of Columbus, Ohio. Pretty close to home indeed (at least until I moved down South a half year ago, but the Top 100 is coming back to Columbus with an opening scheduled at 5 on March 26). Val is a friend and the source of the image is from her facebook page (that's a first!) The song then, It Trails contains a reference to the Milky Way. I love the concept of these words, it rings magical, it's the home galaxy of our Earth, milky white is a beautiful color, and the Melkweg (Dutch for Milky Way) is a great club in Amsterdam. Yes I can understand the words in It Trails but do I get the meaning? I'm horrible at that. I can really enjoy watching a good movie but the storyline remains elusive. I love poetry but I would make a horrific poetry teacher as I either don't catch the meaning of a poem, or interpret it totally wrong. I think Val is great writer of song lyrics, don't ask me why though, she just is...

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