Monday, February 27, 2012


Mapuche (Chile), Mother and Child
32" x 23", oil on canvas, 2012
I've assembled quite a few original records from Moses Asch's Ethnic Folkways Library, a collection now housed in the Smithsonian Institute. It was Asch's mission to have all the recordings in his Library available at all times. Folkways Records always had every item and after Asch died the Smithsonian Institute continued to grant his wishes. They digitized all Folkways recordings, and made them available as downloads for either 99 cents a song or anywhere between $10 and $20 for the whole album, or you can order it on cd or on a cassette for around $20. Downloads of the original booklet, that customarily came with all the vinyl records, are free. Every once in a while I'll preview an album, pick a few songs that I then buy as a download, and download a pdf of the booklet (it also includes a full size scan of the original cover art, front and back). The original Folkways records are the core of my vinyl record collection while the downloads have become the core of my iTunes folder.
From Ameridian Music of Chile: Aymara, Qawashkar, Mapuche I downloaded a few songs from the Mapuche. The Aymara, Qawashkar, Mapuche are the three indigenous groups who are direct descendants from pre-Hispanic dwellers of America. The Mapuche are mainly farmers and are centrally located in Chile. Maŕia Paillalef is the Mapuche singer of a farewell song recorded in 1969 by that resides at #34 in the Top 100 2011.

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