Thursday, October 13, 2011

Marie Danek

Marie Danek
7.5" x 6.75"
oil on wood, 2011

A little advertisement for a new blog I started:
It's a music blog where I post tunes from records found in thrift stores. You can download there the Top 100 tune Kdo Valcik Mival Rat sung by Marie Danek. The following text I wrote last week to accompany the first Musical Thrift Store Treasures blog.

Moving from Columbus, Ohio to Fort Myers, Florida didn't really change a whole lot in regards to what records can be found in thrift stores. They say that Southwest Florida is the place where Ohioans retire. Case in point: one of the first people I met is a retired plumber from Columbus who lives practically next door—we have become good friends.
Just as in Ohio you will find polka records here at any single thrift store, dozens in an afternoon of shopping. I had given up buying any more polka records after I purchased a 4LP box-set with the best recordings ever made. I thought that would do, never was a big fan anyhow. So why I bought yet another one is easy to explain. This one features a female vocalist, a feature not found on any track on the 4LP greatest ever recordings. This record is by far the greatest polka record I own. The vocalist is Marie Danek singing with Joe Hezoucky and his Bohemian Orchestra from Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland, with its large Eastern European community, is the polka capitol of the United States. The king of polka, Frankie Yankovic is from there too, and he too retired in Southwest Florida.

The selected tune is not really a polka but rather a waltz titled Kdo Valcik Mival Rat (Who Loves to Waltz). It was recorded in Edcom Recording Studios on Tungsten Rd. in Cleveland and released by Souvenir Records on Drake Ave. in that same city. 

"It is my sincere hope, that by listening to this album, your days will become just a bit more enjoyable. May the sun shine forever in your hearts"
                     —Joe Hezoucky, liner notes to Third Edition

They made my day :)

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