Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pop Music

 Pierre Henry
6" x 8"
pastel on wood, 2011
The Top 100 has ended and a new year has just begun. Is doesn't keep me from dwelling a little more on the old before I start the new. The are still numerous paintings belonging to the old I haven't shown yet. There's the Pierre Henry for example, a pastel I finished a few days before opening reception. Pierre Henry is a French contemporary composer but the tune is a pop tune, it's called Psyché Rock and it was originally intended for a ballet by Maurice Bejart. The version in the Top 100 is a remix though, recorded by Fatboy Slim in 1997. Not too many pop tunes in the Top 100 but the one by The Flaming Lips Do you Realize? may well be the iconic pop song of the past decade. Personally I can't think of another. And what would be the most emblematic song of 1990s? I think this is Wonderwall by Oasis, a version of which is also represented in the 100 by ways of Cat Power's cover version from the John Peel Sessions. If you haven't seen the show yet there are some open Gallery Hours before I take it down on Sunday: Today from 3–7, Friday from 4–7, and Saturday 3–7 again. All at Skylab, 57 E. Gay St., Columbus, OH.
The Flaming Lips
7" x 7"
oil on wood, 2011

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