Sunday, January 23, 2011

Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond
7" x 5"
pen on paper, 2011

Had I had the foresight to start making top 10s when I was ten years old, I certainly would've had the Osmond Brothers in a Top 100. I was crazy about Crazy Horses; I was playing air guitar and mimicking the brothers' horse imitations. English did I speak not. But I started making top 10s at 18 and never gave the brothers a single point ever. Let alone their little sis Marie.
But then comes April, I'm 45 now, and all of a sudden the name Marie Osmond pops up. And now when I'm going through some songs that almost have enough points gathered to be in this Top 100 I play her Hugo Ball recital once more and decide to reward this recording from a Ripley's Believe it or Not broadcast with a spot between the Top100 elite.
Not committing to painting yet I was searching for pictures of Marie Osmond when I suddenly recognized Sarah Palin in her image. I don't know if I made this association because of similar features or gestures, poses, or just a spark in the eye, but I could not separate the two anymore. I made a number of sketches in my drawing book, some more Palinesque than others. Those with Palin in mind seem to be more vibrant, a more sexualized celebrity type image than some others. I probably do a small painting informed by one of those sketches. Until then I'll make do with this one little sketch of the sober portrait variety, it's the best one of the set I just made.  In it I don't recognize Sarah Palin at all but rather her brother Donny. I do not recall, but I must have seen The Donny and Marie Show on TV quite a few times. I was 10.

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