Monday, January 10, 2011

Awesome Tapes from Africa Again!

Kayesha Seta
11.25" x 7.75"
oil on wood, 2011
Bali Kelele (I call it that for now, but it's really track 6 from a cassette of which Bali Kelele is the first track) by Kayesha Seta is the next entry for the Top 100 2010. The cassette that originates in Ethiopia, was posted on the blog Awesome Tapes from Africa just a few days ago, and this one is so awesome that I charted it right away and started painting it right away too. The cassette jacket sports a great picture of, I assume, Kayesha Seta and with a picture like that a painting couldn't go wrong. I didn't stray from the original image at all. I'm keeping up with the paintings right away as soon as new music hits the list because time's become an issue. Just a bit over a month to go and thirty more songs and paintings have to become part of the collection. Keep posting those tapes Brian Shimkovitz!

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