Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Murder Party

One more to swing out 2010: The curtains in the background are designed by yours truly, recorded at Skylab 3/14/10, the Top 100 2009 exhibition still going strong, The Murder Party from Columbus, Ohio in their first gig ever, in a memorable performance that at the time I listed in the second top 10 of the year (see post: Skylab, April 8, 2010), the last entry for the Top 100 2010 in 2010. The video posted by their guitarist Royce Icon, makes it that a performance I saw live, can be re-experienced and thus open up the possibility for inclusion in the Top 100 (as it is a personal account from the history of recorded sound), which it did. Mother of Fire was the main act that night and they were, just like me, impressed with what they heard/saw. So much so that upon Mother of Fire's return to Columbus later in the year they requested the Murder Party once more as their opener. So I did see both bands live twice this year, and both bands (in audio format at least) will return to Skylab as part of the Top 100 2010 exhibition and countdown. This will take place in March 2011. The first concert of the Murder Party with Mother of Fire, that also included a great show by Mors Ontologica, was held a day after Time and Temperature performed for the opening reception of the Top 100 2009. Time and Temperature is featured again in the newest edition with the song Havana (at #4 as it stands).

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