Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Alan Lomax Collection (2)

CD jacket for Piedmonte and Valle D'Aosta (from The Alan
 Lomax Collection: Italian Treasury
-after a photo by Alan Lomax)
16" x 24"
watercolor on paper, 2010
Right before Christmas I mentioned that the Half Price Books store around the corner from where I live, carried a good many volumes of The Alan Lomax Collection. Nobody got the hint then, so after the Christmas holiday I went there again and bought myself another installment. This time from the Italian Treasury series a volume called Piedmonte and Valle D'Aosta. I was searching for the one that would carry the song Alla Campagnola that I already owned from the original 1958 vinyl edition, a compilation of Lomax's field recordings in Italy, called Music and Song of Italy but they didn't have that one. For lack of an appropriate image for the polyphonic love song in my Top 100 (Alla Campagnola was recorded in the South of Italy), I opted for the CD jacket of the recordings made in Italy's Alpine region. That would be just fine, I thought. I tell you I had a lot of fun with my sumi brush and fancy Arches paper reproducing that black and white photograph. (I couldn't end the year with a bad painting —see previous post, earlier today— could I?)
Happy New Year dear readers.
p.s. The Top 100 year runs until February 23rd —the exact day I started the project, back in 1983.

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