Saturday, July 17, 2010

Top 100 2009 at Country Club

Gaahl of Trelldom
left: 10.5" x 8"
oil on wood, spray paint,
10.25" x 7"
oil on wood, 2009

From 2010 back to the Top 100 2009 for a moment: August 13, 2010 will mark the opening of the second showing of the Top 100 2009 exhibition. It will coincide with the publication of the catalog for it. This will take place at Country Club Projects in Cincinnati. The publisher of the catalog is Iconoclast, affiliated with the Country Club Projects gallery. Several pieces of the Top 100 2009 have been sold and of those I only have a color copy available. A gallery, of course, doesn't like to show reproductions but wants originals. So I've started to paint new versions of the 'missing' pieces. First I painted a few that will most likely become part of the Top 100 2010 and for the upcoming exhibition I will label these paintings as being '2010'. Next (if I get to it) I will paint new versions of others, that I then simply will call Top 100 2009, 2nd version. Depicted above on the right is Gaahl from the band Trelldom, last year's #1. Next to it on the left is a brand new painting that could be both a second version for the Top 100 2009, as well as a new Top 100 2010 painting, if Trelldom makes it into the list again. The catalog version of the Top 100 2009 will feature the original version while for the exhibition Country Club will show the new version. Try to come August 13, 2010 to Country Club Projects in Cincinnati, and spread the word around. The catalog will also be available through Country Club.

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