Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ca Trù performance

Musicians performing Ca Trù
16" x 12"
oil on wood, 2010

Yay, vacation! Finally time to watch the World Cup, but there ain't many games left: Holland is in the final, yay! After two games last weekend and a lot of sleeping I started right back into those paintings again, and music too. It took a while but the twentieth top 10 for the music year 2010 is written down. This particular top 10 reflects my inclination towards collecting field recordings from all over the world. The first place I look at in a record store is the used vinyl world music section. Last Sunday I ended up buying three used CDs and an LP from Jamaica/UK, Papua New Guinea, Peru, and India. Slowly this part of my collection is becoming interesting and bulky. I organize these geographically.

I promised to forward herein every tenth top 10, so here's the twentieth:
  1. Mohanlal Rayani – Rãg Mãdh, Tãl Kharwa
  2. Ca Trù performance (anon.), North Vietnam
  3. Michael Hurley - Girl on the Billboard
  4. Coralie Clément – Avec Ou Sans Moi
  5. Massar Egbari featuring Donia Massoud – Wailing song
  6. Melchior Bances y Pastoras – Pastoras de Mórrope
  7. Gania and Famu – Funerary song weep
  8. Pierre Henry – Psyché Rock
  9. David Allen Coe - The Perfect Country and Western Song
  10. Geechie Wiley – Last Kind Words Blues
The Melchior Bances tune comes from Traditional Music of Peru 4: Lambayeque. I wrote in one of the commentaries to last years Top 100 that I would buy every year one volume of the series, this is keeping my word (seven more years to go). The Geechie Wiley, #1 in the Top 100 1999, appeared in a dream. Gania and Famu come from a three CD set dedicated to the music of the Bosavi rain forest in Papua New Guinea, it belongs to my mini collection of weep singing. Coralie Clément I heard on NPR. My stepson Emil played David Allen Coe for me. The Michael Hurley is from a wonderful zine called PRISM index, compiled by a friend (Jeffrey Bowers, check it out: PRISMindex.com). Rayani is from the LP Hindustani: A Panorama of North indian Music. Yay, vacation is going to be great!

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