Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vampyre Corpse

Naughtus Maximus (Vampyre Corpse)
11" x 8.5"
Pen, pencil, ink on paper, 2010

You may have noticed in the second to last blog the name Vampyre Corpse at #1 in the Top 100 so far. You probably haven't heard of Vampyre Corpse, and if you don't follow this blog, or are a subscriber to a magazine called Zero Tolerance, you most likely never will. I am proud to say that when you google the band, right after their own MySpace site this very blog comes up as second. They are from England, two of the band members you may have heard of: Kane and Abel, they may be twins (both still alive), they may not be. The one I made a drawing of, depicted here, is neither Kane nor Abel but their bass player Naughtus Maximus, the fourth band member calls himself (or herself –not likely, but you never know) Memnoch. The style, according to the band on their MySpace site, is Black Metal, Death Metal, and/or Big Beat. Their sound pushes the extreme of metal yet further, it's wild and raw, out of bounds, violent, inhuman almost (subhuman?). The song Dogs of War lasts about two minutes but it is two minutes that makes a lot of music that came before now obsolete. They surpassed all songs that contained feline sounds in their vocals, as well as songs dealing with werewolves, and the general heavyness of sound is unsurpassed too. The drawing I did may seem as uncontrolled, wild and heavy as the music but I swear it was well planned out. I did several before this one, and I also swear I was sober when I drew it. I swear I was sober!

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