Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cat Power in 2010

Cat Power
36" x 13.5"
oil on wood, 2010

A brand new painting, executed rather quickly, again of an artist not (yet) in the Top 100 for the year. More than six times larger than my average Top 100 painting. Something had to happen, I had to break through this habitual manner of painting I've been doing, it was getting on my nerves. I ask myself what would be a better way to open things up than to make it bigger? I made it bigger and I liked it. Would it mean that I have to paint all hundred that big now? That would be quite a challenge. I need the challenge, be tough on myself, but this seems crazy. I had this three feet plywood board in front of me ready to cut it up into my usual ten inch sizes but then a feeling of defiance came over me: I couldn't cut it up. The next dilemma was to decide who to paint - it could not just be anyone that I would paint bigger than anybody else - I decided it had to be Cat Power - I've painted her more than any other musician - must have painted her thirty times. I'm not sure if I'm up to the challenge to paint all hundred that big, but the next one will be big again, I guarantee.
I'm awaiting Cat Power's new release. All original songs so 'they' promise. It's gonna be good but scary she promises. I've been waiting a long time already but while I wait Sophisticated Lady, an old Duke Ellington song, secured Cat Power's first points in the music year 2010.

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