Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Full Moon (The Green M.I.A. Portrait)

16 x 12 inches, oil on canvas paper, 2017
Ever since Born Free hit the markets in 2010 I've been a fan of M.I.A. I first heard the the song in Believer: 2010 Music Issue magazine. It was brand new then, recorded in 2009. Later I bought the 2LP set Maya and later yet I came across my favorite version of the song when she performed it at Letterman's Late Show. It's been in the Top 100 every year since 2010 and at #1 from 2012-2016. The performance of Born Free at Letterman's features the keyboards of Martin Rev, co author (with Alan Vega) of the song Ghost Rider, that prominently features behind M.I.A.'s text and vocals. M.I.A. was "born free" in England but her parents were not so free as they went in exile being hunted by the Sri Lankan Army. The date of her birth was July 18, 1975, precisely 11 years after my own.

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