Friday, October 28, 2016

Neil Leonard

Neil Leonard and Kat Epple
9 x 12 inches, pen on paper, 2016
signed by performers
On August 20th, as part of the lecture/performance series accompanying the RE:SOUND exhibit at the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery at FSW, Neil Leonard performed in collaboration with Kat Epple, of the art-music-Rauschenberg-affiliated-band Sonic Combine. In front of a small audience, including Leonard's partner, the well known artist Maria Magdalena Camos-Pons, Neil Leonard performed a memorable set that was a mix of some of his earlier work and improvised collaborative work with Kat Epple. Leonard was in Fort Myers because of a residency at the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation on Captiva Island, the location of Rauschenberg's home and studio. Neil Leonard is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work includes collaborations with Tony Oursler and Constance de Jong, that was featured at the Whitney Biennial, and with Camos-Pons.

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