Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Internet Art

Princess Nokia
12 x 16 inches, oil on canvas paper, 2016
Internet Art, a movement in the tradition of subversive anti-art groups going back to the Dadaists, is a fairly recent development in art art history. Even though there already is now "Post-Internet Art," the artists associated with Internet Art (or Net-Art) are still young and vibrant. The most interesting artists to emerge from this movement are a loose conglomerate of women, all now in their early thirties, associated with third-wave feminism. Recently I presented a two hour talk at the Art Center of Bonita Springs on 21st century art which was centered around three of the artists involved in the group mentioned above: Genevieve Belleveau, Ann Hirsch, and Jillian Mayer. Other noteworthy artists associated with these include Angela Washko and Faith Holland. To my own surprise I found the latter included within my Facebook friends. I had met her in New York in 2008, when both of us had exhibitions at White Columns. While a nice platform to follow one's career, she also provides me with updates about what's new and interesting in cultural New York. That's where I found the video Tomboy by Princess Nokia.

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