Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spring Break!

Azealia Banks
8" x 7.5", stencil print
ed. 75 on paper, 2015
It's spring break, and that means beach, studio, and taxes. Midterms are wrapped up and graded, and the customary stencil prints have been traded. The stencil print is becoming a tradition, and now in my fourth semester at FSW, I have collected, by trade, over two hundred original prints made by students of the art appreciation class. My fourth stencil design, printed in an edition of 75, is once more depicting the portrait of a popular musician. I chose to do Azealia Banks, thinking that she would be popular by the students. I did not nearly get the response like last semester, when Jay Z was a big hit, only two students showed any interest in Miss Bank$. Yet she represents a fast-rapping sub-genre of hip-hop that is rapidly gaining popularity. When I heard Lady LeShurr, the British/Caribbean rapster, perhaps in a tradition of Jamaican Dancehall, rap in a style similar to that of Banks a couple of years ago, I thought it was the greatest new development in popular music.

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