Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pop Music: Björk

10" x 8", 2013
oil and pastel on canvas
Music that could be labeled as pop is sparse in my top 100, and paintings of pop stars I make only once so often. I don't hear much pop music. I've established a mechanism that excludes me from hearing it too much. I mean, it's easy these days, you pick yourself what you listen to. You don't need radio or tv anymore and indeed, I have neither of them. Last weekend I indulged in a lot of listening to Icelandic pop star Björk. I always liked her music, as I did also like The Sugarcubes (the band she was in before her solo career), but—to my own surprise—she was never featured in any of the previous 30 top 100s. So it's kind of overdue...

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