Wednesday, April 17, 2013


11" x 8.5", 2013
watercolor, pen on paper
I do not know the identity of the woman behind the MOM moniker. MOM is a performance artist, doing the art circuit around the Sacramento area. I came across MOM through the Believer 2012 Music Issue, devoted last year to music only released on cassette format. MOM's performances are characterized by singing through voice altering electronics on top of recorded tapes, mostly vintage rock and roll music or period spoken word recordings. MOM is masked, wears Mickey Mouse ears, and—on all six videos available on YouTube—dressed in a short red dress. While her face is covered she flashes her buttocks every time she bends over, jumps, or lifts her dress, all while handling several props (hamburgers are a favorite) in a manner you might come to expect from contemporary performance art (like rubbing a hamburger in someone's face). The track on the Believer compilation is called Boner Party (Tonite), it features a sound recording of Annette Fulcinella's Beach Party. I don't know if MOM is an acronym for something, or if it refers simply to mother. I don't know if MOM's a mother. The performances certainly address feminist and gender topics. I know I'm a little early but... Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers. Love you MOM!

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