Friday, December 7, 2012

Hungarian Tangos

Ilona Nagykovácsi12" x 12"
oil on luan, 2012
Not that there are so many Hungarians where I live, not that I know of at least, but there are certainly a lot of Hungarian records to be found at local second hand stores. I got myself something that might be considered a collection. From traditional music recorded in the field, via popular gypsy orchestras, to a record full with tangos, the whole gamut of records from a certain era from a certain country is to be found. In my blog Musical Thrift Store Treasures you can read about, and listen to some of these records. So many records from one place naturally reflects the content of the yearly list of 100 songs too. Ilona Nagykovácsi (1910, Hungary-1995, Canada) was a Hungarian actress, comedienne, and singer who moved to Canada during the second World War. One of the Hungarian recordings in the list of 100 is her song Gyűlöllek, a tango featured on that album Svívbajok ellen, kisasszony, szedjen tangót! that is dedicated to tangos only.

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