Sunday, September 16, 2012

Summer Winds

Meagan Alwood
(The Alwood Sisters)
12" x 24", oil on wood, 2012
One of a handful of repeats from last year's Top 100 is the song Summer Winds by the Alwood Sisters. I have now two versions of that song that is subtitled, or combined with, the song Our Time. It is featured on their CD Black Falcon & The Forest Spirit of 2010, the version that was in the top 10 last year, but new for me is an older demo version, simply titled Our Time, on a homemade CD titled Across the Lines with recordings from 2003-2006. Across the Lines is the result of home recordings done by Amy and Meagan Alwood Karcic, while Meagan was living in New York and Amy in Ohio. The recordings were sent back and forth between the sisters. If everything goes according to plan the Alwood Sisters will perform next year at my Top 100 2012 opening reception in Miami, Florida. Hope my plan will work out—I'll keep you updated about the progress. The Alwood Sisters consist of the sisters Amy and Meagan Alwood, and the brothers Milan and Jovan Karsic. The two sisters are married to the brothers making the band a family affair. They're from my previous hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

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