Monday, May 7, 2012

More Creation

Lennie Hibbert
24" x 12"
oil on board, 2012
Jonathan Ward, of Excavated Shellac fame, described his modus operandi as academic anti-academic in one his analyses of yet another excavated 70 year old disc. Brilliant, if you ask me; it doesn't describe just his outlook on things but that of the whole avant-garde as well. It could be the name given to a whole new period: modernism—post-modernism—academic anti-academic, it captures in two words a brand new reality. It contains affirmation and negation, it can be used as an excuse and as an incrimination. It's both self loathing and self congratulatory. Insiders become outsider, and outsiders insiders. The intellectuals are enamored with the non-intellectuals while the non-intellectuals become intellectualized. Books have been written by philosophers on the subject but I had never heard it summed up in two words: Academic Anti-Academic. What has this to do with the vibraphone impregnated reggae sounds of Lennie Hibbert, you may ask, and I say "everything and nothing". For reason that it is being so different from "all or nothing". What comes after Creation for Lennie Hibbert is More Creation, and more is better than less (when it comes to creation).

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