Monday, January 16, 2012

Le Mystère de la Voix Albanaises

Albanian girl
25" x 15"
oil on wood, 2012
The girl in this painting has become an iconic figure. Her image can be seen on the cover of Folk and Popular Music of Albania, and on the cover of The Top 100 2010. A painting of her hangs on my wall and now a new painting has been made. The painting belongs to the strangest I ever made. Objects and colors appeared and disappeared by her side magically. The palm tree, painted from life, remained from the beginning, the girl followed. She is only known with these clothes on, in this particular pose. C'est ne pas une pipe. Like the palm behind her she is grounded in that pose, stuck in that location, forever. She is the axis mundi, the spiritual center of the world. No one knows her name. No one's ever seen her. But she's presiding over the events that make a top 100. Stranger things have happened.
Her image is invariably linked with Albanian folk music but nobody knows if she's a musician. The song illustrated now is an example of an iso-polymorphic song, in this case a song performed by two women. 

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