Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cat Power

Cat Power
20" x 10"
oil on canvas, 2011

If you're a Cat Power fan, like me, it has been a long time waiting for a new album. Occasionally a live performance shows up on YouTube or something with a song never recorded on any album before. Recently 4 new songs surfaced as a fan recorded a concert in San Francisco. These songs, all unnamed as of yet, are due to be part of Cat Power's new record. The 4 songs hold great promise for this much anticipated album. For the Top 100 this year I selected the last one from the San Francisco video, called New Song #4 for now. 
Cat Power has been the most painted musician in the Top 100's history and she's about, with or without new album, to take over the #3 spot, currently held by Captain Beefheart, in the 28 years of counting points awarded to musicians, right behind Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix.

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