Monday, May 16, 2011

Bright Moments

Top 100 1999: #12 
Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Rip Rig and Panic
8.6" x 8.8", ink on paper, 1999
I can hardly fathom it but a time of nearly two months has passed without any interest or enjoyment in listening to, and seeking out new music. Needless to say that in stead of my usual routine in the studio, I have not painted any material for the new music year yet. A bright moment in my dull musical universe has been the music of Rahsaan Roland Kirk. Of the six tracks likely to feature in the new Top 100 2011, four are from the Ohio born jazz man. For weeks on end the only music I played were his The Inflated Tear and Bright Moments albums. All the other music I've heard in that spell seemed lackluster by comparison. It has been a joy to paint Kirk in the past and it's starting to itch now. I got a few canvases ready to go and tonight I'll find out what it's like to paint after such a long dry spell. Inspired by the music of Kirk and some of my own bright moments illustrating him (like the 12 year old ink drawing above) I'll get busy. Welcome aboard dear followers, here we go again!

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