Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kyp Malone and Jolie Holland at the Summit

Jolie Holland
(signed by Jolie Holland)
10" x 8"
pen on paper, 2009
Thus I went to this much anticipated concert by Jolie Holland. It was good, really good, mind you, but talking to Ms. Holland was a bit disappointing. Not that she wasn't nice, she was nice enough but I had hoped she would have remembered me from a year and a half ago when I made sketches of her performing in Nelsonville. She signed one of these sketches with “♥ Jolie” and witnessed me drawing a portrait of T -Model Ford. I was hoping then to talk with the Top 100 muse of recent years a little bit more casual and less like fan versus idol.  I have been intending to grow up some during this process and interact more with the performers and make a few paintings from life. I'm old enough, older than many of the musicians I paint but this is apparently not the year. Let's see what next year brings, it'll start in just a few weeks. Still none of Jolie's songs in the list this year but a last minute entry is likely to happen because I did buy her newest LP The Living and the Dead, it is good... She signed the album too. The opener to Jolie Holland's show was played by Kyp Malone. I hadn't given it much thought but I knew he was in a band called TV on the Radio that I really like. I didn't realize it until I saw Kyp Malone on stage that he was part of a series of drawings I did a few year ago comprising the quiz Guess the Identity of These Men with Beards. Had I realized beforehand I would've taken a copy with me and given it to Mr. Malone, he would've gotten a kick out of it. Maybe I still can find a way to forward him a copy. Scroll back in the blog archive and find the quiz under the heading Games, Games, Games. The performance by Kyp Malone was awesome, by the way.

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  1. Just discovered your blog tonight and I'm so excited. Your paintings are wonderful.